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Common Core State Standards

Most educators are now aware of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which have currently been adopted by 45 states, four territories, and the Department of Defense. In the lead up to the full implementation in 2014, Comprehensive Strategic Intervention @ is helping to get educators and students ready with resources that are aligned with the six instructional English Language Arts shifts. We are currently developing and providing Common Core State Standards resources for the following two categories:

1. Staff Development / Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s): We are developing a wide variety of resources to help organizations build awareness and begin transitioning to the CCSS.

2. Instructional Modules and Learning Tools: The Common Core and Smarter Balanced Next Generation Assessments will require educators to move beyond solely teaching individual skills in isolation and then using multiple-choice assessments. The demands of the Common Core necessitate students to apply knowledge and skills across multiple tasks and disciplines. A successful transition to the Common Core will require educators to make six instructional shifts for English-Language Arts and provide students opportunities to demonstrate a much greater depth of knowledge. We are developing learning modules and instructional tools that are intended to assist educators meet these demands associated with the Common Core. 

Feel free to browse through the Common Core State Standards tabs in the navigation and get familiar with Common Core. This site will have a full Common Core Standards component in time for its full adoption in 2014.

Welcome to our ELA site! 

Any intelligent fool can make things look bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage-to move in the opposite direction. - Albert Einstein


We provide standards-based English Language Arts (ELA) resources, so that teachers can provide targeted, strategic intervention based on specific class data in order to raise student achievement on state and local assessments.

Comprehensive Strategic Intervention is partnered with the California Learning Resource Network. has the resources to support you as you provide instruction, assessment, and intervention on the following 3rd-6th grade topics:

ü  synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homographs

ü  Greek & Latin roots and affixes

ü  using a dictionary or thesaurus

ü  context clues

ü  multiple meaning words

ü  figurative language (simile, metaphor, idiom, personification, hyperbole)

ü  frequently used foreign words in English

ü  drawing inferences & conclusions

ü  compare & contrast info.

ü  cause & effect

ü  fact & opinion

ü  using titles, tables of contents, glossaries, indexes

ü  main idea and details

ü  problems & solutions

ü  fairy tales, myths, folktales, legends, fables

ü  theme / author’s message

ü  following instructions

ü  sequential / chronological order

ü  expository reading passages

ü  simple, compound, complex sentences 

ü  sentence combining

ü  types of verbs

ü  sentence combining

ü  types of verbs

ü  subject/verb agreement

ü  verb tense

ü  pronouns

ü  prepositions

ü  appositives

ü  conjunctions

ü  capitalization

ü  punctuating titles

ü  commas

ü  quotation marks

ü  colons

ü  semi-colons

ü  alphabetical order

ü  spelling

ü  writing strategies

ü  evaluation & revision

ü  topic sentence

ü  introduction

ü  transitions

ü  conclusion

ü  supporting paragraphs

ü  adding, deleting, consolidating, clarifying,

ü  rearranging sentences

Features: The combination of the following features will support your organization’s Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) program:

·         Web-based: This gives teachers and students the flexibility to conveniently access the resources from a variety of locations and platforms.

·         Targeted & Strategic: The RTI² model clearly states that Tier II and Tier III students are supposed to receive instruction and interventions matched to their particular needs or skill deficits. Our library of targeted and specific English Language Arts resources will allow teachers to do exactly that. Beware of the multitude of other programs which are so generalized that students’ specific deficits never get remediated and therefore doom the students to intervention indefinitely!

·         PowerPoint Lessons: These visual lessons guide the teacher as they introduce and develop skills and standards. SDAIE methodologies are incorporated here and elsewhere in order to assist English Language Learners.

·         Reading Comp. and Writing Strategies Passages: You’ll have access to a wide variety of expository passages which are reflective of the structure and rigor that students will be faced with on grade level assessments. Additionally, these passages integrate grade level science and history topics with ELA practice and assessment.

·         Practice, Assessment, and Reteach Lessons: There are currently several thousand questions which have similar structure, rigor, and vocabulary as released test questions. All assignments have an answer key conveniently located on the last page.

·         Graphic Organizers: These help students visualize complex concepts such as how to structure and essay or make an inference.

·         Six Instructional Shift in ELA: Regular users of Comprehensive Strategic Intervention @ will be prepared for the following six instructional shifts:

o   Balancing Informational and Literary Text

o   Knowledge in the Disciplines

o   Staircase of Text Complexity

o   Text Based Answers

o   Writing from Sources

o   Academic Vocabulary           

·         Value: Our mission is to provide higher quality, more quantity, and more convenience, at a better price than ANY other publisher or website. Even though we continually add new resources to our huge library, we haven’t raised our prices since our company’s creation – EVER!

o   Our price = $90 for 30 students

o   A leading competitor’s price = $600 for 30 students

o   One single Houghton Mifflin English textbook student edition = $80 (workbooks and extra components are an extra charge)

·         Support: We are readily available to help you implement these resources.

o   We’re always just a phone call or email away.

o   In many cases we can go to your site to help you and your staff:

§  demonstrate how to effectively use these resources

§  build awareness around Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI²) and how these resources will support you

§  build awareness around the Common Core State Standards

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